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Radar will be running five citizen reporting workshops in India in March 2013.

Workshops will be held in Delhi, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh between 13-19th March in partnership with the Guardian Foundation.

In all our programmes, Radar prioritises trainees from the most under-represented groups within society. Therefore women and girls, slum dwellers, those from socially marginalised castes, people with disabilities, those from rural communities and people living with HIV/AIDS are particularly encouraged to apply.

Only 2% of rural India has access to the internet when almost 70% of India’s 1.2 billion population lives in rural India

In Himachal Pradesh, Radar is working with CORD to train 30 representatives from rural organisations. We will focus on how to use mobile to report from areas with no internet and raise the national and international profile of specific challenges faced by rural communities.

Four of the five workshops will target community activists with little or no previous experience of the media. There will be one advanced workshop in Delhi for those with media experience. All the training groups will cover an introduction to mobile journalism, reporter safety and how to report on issues regarding gender, rights and development. We will explore new media channels, new angles and how to micro-report via SMS.

After the training, Radar will continue to run an ongoing digital hub to receive and transfer SMS reports and multimedia content to online platforms, where we will use our media networks to amplify this news to a global audience. Trainees who complete the workshops will be invited to enrol on a long term media mentoring programme where Radar will continue to work to strengthen each reporter’s capacity to use affordable technology to share news and hold their institutions to account.

For more information about this project, or how to join the training, please contact us on emailradar@gmail.com

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