Aid, policy and participation

Radar is developing ways in which mobile can help to improve citizen engagement with  aid and development programmes and policies that impact on their lives.

cholera response

We are working on a model that will allow us to run live SMS feeds from trained citizen groups into high level summits, conferences and events that confront issues of health, development and peace building. Such meetings tend to be attended by senior representative and leaders rather than those most affected by these issues. By facilitating the flow of information in and out of the conference via SMS, we can create a channel for live dialogue to share fresh perspectives and new solutions.

We are collaborating with NGOs to design mobile communication frameworks that enable beneficiaries of aid and development programmes to give feedback, share concerns and participate in the decision making that guides projects in their area. This can help to improve and measure the effectiveness of aid and empowering beneficiaries to push for accountability and transparency.

We are also establishing disease and crises tracking projects that source real time information from the heart of affected communities via mobile. By setting up networks of trained reporters in areas of high risk, this can help boost disaster-preparedness and early warning systems, inform media and give people a means to communicate during times of heightened insecurity.

If you would like more information about any of these projects, please get in touch:

Across Africa, women are on average 23% less likely to own a mobile phone than men – AfricaFocus


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